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Submission Guidelines

First of all, thank you for considering publishing your model on :)

Before you submit your 3D model, please read the following requirements:


  • Your asset and textures must be your own original work and/or modified from someone elses public domain materials.

  • You cannot include any copyrighted materials in your submission.

  • Your asset cannot have real company logos, copyrighted designs or any other trademarks.

  • You understand that your asset will be licensed as CC0, forfeiting all your copyright and that this cannot be revoked.

  • 3DModelsCC0 will review your submission and contact you if you provided a valid email address when the submission is either accepted or rejected.

Technical Requirements

  • Your model must come with textures. At the very least, albedo and normal maps are required.

  • Your model must be at least semi-realistic and up to the websites standards.

  • Your submission must be in a .RAR or .ZIP -format containing a folder with your model and textures inside.

  • Your model must be in either .FBX or .obj -format.

  • Your textures must be in .PNG -format.

  • Your model can be either in quads or triangles however, you need know roughly the amount of triangles when converted from quads.

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