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Free CC0 Guns & Explosives Pack #1

Pack of 19 different 3D guns and explosives with a CC0 public domain license! No need for credit or attribution! Although I highly appreciate it if you can mention this website :)

Free Public Domain 3D Guns and Explsives pack for games | 3DModelsCC0

This work is licensed under CC0 1.0

Free Guns & Explosives Pack #1

Model count: 19

File size: 154MB


Individual models

This pack contains public domain 3D models from the 3DModelsCC0 library. If you wish to download only a couple of these models you can find the links for the individual models below:


Anti-tank mine:

C4 Explosive:

Claymore mine:

Flare gun:

Flash grenade:

Grease gun M3:



M24 Grenade:

Molotov cocktail:

Nuclear bomb:

Pipe bomb:

Makarov pistol:


Smoke grenade:

Sniper rifle:

Suomi KP:


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