At the moment, no.

All you can do is to disable AdBlock if you have one or buy affiliated products. If I'll run into problems with the hosting costs I'll consider receiving donations.

Do you make suggestions?

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Yes! If they are reasonable.

Feel free to contact me if you have some suggestions you would like me to add

to the library.

Email: nisu.dev@outlook.com

Why all the textures are not in 4K resolution?

Recently I've switched to 2K textures because of the huge file sizes. 4K textures would fill my cloud storage plan too quickly.

What is CC0?

All free 3D models on this site are licensed as CC0. That means they are free domain. Everyone can use them however they like. Even commercially. Without permission and without giving credit. Although it's very appreciated if you can mention this website.

What do you get out of this?

After gaining some traffic. I'll add ads to cover the hosting costs. Everything over that is a plus.

3D modeling itself is a hobby of mine which I enjoy very much. I have a few scenes for sale on Unity Asset Store, but this site will work more as a portfolio in the future.

How often do you add more 3D models?

Nothing pressures me to add more models. So it's all about how I feel. I have some leftover 3D models from the past which I can add if I don't feel like creating anything new.

At the moment I estimate something from 1-3 models per week. It also depends on the quality and complexity of those models. Pre 2021 it might be more than that, because it's such a fresh website and I'm very eager to expand

the free 3D collection.

Do you have a patreon or anything we could support?