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Do you have a patreon or anything we could support?


I've been running ads on this site for about a year now. Profits are nowhere near the hosting costs. So I have decided to launch a BuyMeACoffee -page to cover some of the hosting costs.

What is CC0?

All free 3D models on this site are licensed as CC0. That means they are free domain. Everyone can use them however they like. Even commercially. Without permission and without giving credit. Although it's very appreciated if you can mention this website.

How often do you add more 3D models?

If there is nothing special going on, I'll upload a new set (1-3) new models every friday. It can be more if visitors decide to upload their own stuff :)

Do you make suggestions?

Yes! If they are reasonable.

Feel free to contact me if you have some suggestions you would like me to add

to the library.

Email: [email protected]

Why all the textures are not in 4K resolution?

Recently I've switched to 2K textures because of the huge file sizes. 4K textures would fill my cloud storage plan too quickly.

Is it possible for visitors to upload models?

Yes! This is a new feature and currently in testing phase. You can read about the process here.

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