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All the 3D assets on this site are licensed as CC0. It means that you can download them instantly for free and for any purpose. Credit and attribution are not required but highly appreciated.

My free 3D model library will be frequently updated. Free of charge.


Creating 3D assets has been a hobby of mine for a few years. I have noticed that public domain 3D models aren't really a thing. There can be situations where giving appropriate credit is difficult. So CC0 license would be the only way to go. I have been in this situation many times and it gave me the idea to create this website.

I have plenty of 3D leftovers and game art I can add here as well as creating new ones. I hope you'll find good use of my free 3D assets! You can also find my commercial game assets here!

As an indie game developer myself. I try to aim more for game developer's needs. If you use Unity, remember to also check free 3d models for unity from the asset store, which are to my knowledge also credit/attribution free. 

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